Holland: a holiday amidst the tulip fields.

Dekha ek kwaab to je silsele hui

Come To Holland

Famous for its tulips

The Netherlands are worldwide known for several things. Most possibly, you as a tourist, associate Holland with windmills, wooden shoes, weed, Johan Cruijff and tulips. Tulips are important as a tourist attraction, but also as an export product, selling extremely big quantities, but what’s even more important: the tulips are of a marvellous quality too.

Tulips are lovely looking flowers and a field full of tulips in several colors is nice to walk through, so when you are on a vacation to Holland: just  relax and spend some time between these lovely flowers.

Claude Monet loved to paint tulips

Even Claude Monet, the famous 19th century painter loved the softly waving tulip fields in the Dutch Westland between Amsterdam and The Hague. Monet painted these fields, so that they would be worshipped forever. Many people that like to paint for their hobby also painted tulips since…

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