He is the villain!

Bollywood villain

Bollywood villain Sanjay Dutt in Khalnayak.

Things are changing radically in B-town, a typical Bollywood saga is incomplete without a happy ending where the makers ensure that the hero gives a good dosage of bashing to the villain before the end credits start rolling. Villains have always existed. Almost always dressed in a particular outfit, the villain was the most technology-friendly person in a Hindi movie. His den (he always had a den) was a miracle of gadgets. Doors would

open and shut on their own, and, should the villain need to eliminate anyone, he just had to press a button and the room would fill with poisonous gas. Often he had a pet crocodile or shark that could be fed with any of his victims. They are the most hated. The dirtier the dialogues, the more real they get and leave a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. They are the most cruel human beings in our Bollywood films and the struggle between good and evil, they make our Bollywood films feel successful and unforgettable. These are the bad guys of Bollywood. However brilliant he might be, the villain has to be beaten to death by the hero at the end. What’s a film without a villain? And what’s a villain if you can’t remember his name.

They are the meanest creatures ever born on this planet. They have some of the most bad lines; lines which make them immortal. Sometimes these villains are so bad that they own the movie, and the hero becomes just a mere character. Of course, in Bollywood terms and conditions, the hero always wins, but from the audience perspective, the hero might have won the battle, but lost the war. I will soon post my tribute to those immortal villains that have graced the Bollywood silver screen. Some are straight out of comic strips, others are downright evil and mean, It is such a shame though that these characters are more known as the Villains whereas they actually are the Heroes of the movies they were in.


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