Barish, pakora aur ek garam chai ki pyali


Pakora garam chai ki pyalli


“Barish aur pakora”,That is the something we have been listening to for generations now. It has become a tradition and a culture. We desis are very different towards our food, we do not eat to satisfy our hunger and taste buds but it is our way of socialize. We want to sit with family while it’s raining outside and have hot delicous pakora with a garam chai ki pyalli.

We serve our unannounced guests our home made pakora,we simply dont let the guests go without making them eat pakoras. Once served, the pakoras disappear and another lot is served. If one is lucky enough and the guests are the health conscious and not-that-hungry type you might be able to lay hands on those pakoras once they leave!

Pakoras are often served in India and Pakistan. It is popular during monsoon time as pakoras go very well with a garam chai ki pyalli. The recipes for making pakoras have more or less the same desi spices and herbs and often vary in their proportions.

Pakoras are something I grew up with. They bring brightness to a rainy day. I eat my pakoras with chutney. My mon can make a delicous pakora.

Pakora are fritters made with gram flour. Thay are fried snacks made with different vegetables. Pakoras are Classic desi finger food that no one can resist, these easy vegetable pakoras are so simple to make. They are popular across Pakistan and India, the pakoras are made of chopped potato, onion and chili mixed into the batter.Pakoras are greasy, spicy, hot and unhealthy, the typical things which make a desi go weak in the knees. Pakoras are made with potato,Onions and raw green chillies.

Talking about the mirchi ka pakora, they are spicy and crispy with simple flavour in the batter which will tingle your taste  buds.


9 thoughts on “Barish, pakora aur ek garam chai ki pyali

  1. Making me crave some pakoras right now! even though it is blisteringly hot outside! chalo hojaye…pakoras and chai with some hot hot ladies and ofcourse gossip 😛

  2. Pakoras and chai are a total monsoon season must in Karachi. Quite tragically I make the worst tea ever so I stick to coffee now 🙂

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