The filmy chase


Imran Khan

Imran Khan

This is the climax scene, the heroine is emotionally hurt and is going away from the hero to an other country bij plane. The hero then decides he cant live without her and  goes to her house, where he finds out that his heroine has left for the airport and that her flight is about to leave. The hero rushes to the airport getting hurt on his way there and makes it to the gate of the plane and pleads the airline staff to stop the plane for the sake of love. The heroine does not board the plane because she does not want to leave her hero behind. Eventually they meet at the airport and the hero confesses his love for her. Everybody around is emotional because they can feel the love they share.

Let’s see how this works in real life: if you try to force entry into a passenger area without a ticket, you get thrown out. You thunder in at full speed without a passport, you get thrown out as well. Why does the hero have to get hurt, I mean with cuts and blood running down his face, really!  Why cant the hero realize that he loves the heroine earlier. Can`t he take a few  flights later? Can`t he call her and tell her that he loves her and ask her not to get on board?  Cant she call him that she is leaving? Who says that the hero will not change his mind once the girl stays back for him?

Well apparently we just love these scenes, we cry and pray that the hero and the heroine get to meet and cheer when they rush into each others arms.


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