Bollywood Express

Dilwale Dhulaniya Lejaenge

Dilwale Dhulaniya Lejaenge

There’s only one way for a heroine to get in a train, and that is to wait until it has almost pulled out of the station, and then begin the slow motion jog to catch up, even if the hero risks his life and to pull the heroine in. Isn`t waiting for the next train better? Or calling up the hero and telling him to catch the next train back?

Decades ago the heroine, a simple gaon ki gori, ran after the train that took her hero, the simple shahri babu, from his gaon to the big, bad sheher. For many years trains have lend a romantic charm to many Bollywood films. The rhythmic sounds of the train with its whistle. I remember how Sharmila Tagore looked at the window of a toy train, smiling coyly at Rajesh Khanna as he sang ‘Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu’.

‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ would not have been so much fun if Shah Rukh and Malaika were dancing at just any hill station and Kareena’s bad dreams about missing a train would not have made sense in Jab We Met. And what would have Kajol done, in the climax of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, had their been no train to run after?

And how can we forget THE film of 2013 Chennai Express. Deepika ran after the train just like Kajol in Dilwale Dhulaniya Lejaenge and Shahrukh pulls her on the train. With the comic scene in wich Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone communicate through Bollywood songs! It really cracks me up! And when poor Shahrukhs expensive mobile phone gets thrown out of the train. His expressions are so good!

Chennai Express

Chennai Express


Trains have featured in many songs as well. Here is a pick of my top five film songs which would have been incomplete without the trains.
song: Jiya o jiya o jiya kuch bol do
Movie: Jab Pyar kisi se hota hai

song: Hai apna dil, to awara
Movie: Solva saal

song: Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu
Movie: Aradhana
song: Chaiyya Chaiyya
Movie: Dil se
song: Dharak Dharak
Movie: Bunty aur Bubli


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