Garam chai


Tea is an important thing in every Desi’s life. Before an arranged marriage, the would be dulha and his family are invited for tea at the girls house. The soon to be dulhan serves them chai with savouries. After the chai things are taken to the next level. Its what kids drink to stay awake and study, and its what we are given by a loved one when we are sick. Its what we serve our guests.

We get shocked, when we drink a regular, normal tea, that is made with a tea bag, in a cup of hot water.

Every home has a “ghar ki chai” and when girls go to their husband’s homes, they learn the new “ghar ki chai” recipe.

We desis dont brew our tea but cook it! Tea is not delicately dipped in a cup of hot water. The desi Chai is made from Assam or Darjeeling Teas. Every home has their own favourite tealeaf.

The water is boiled and the special additions that contributes to the special “ghar ki chai” is added first. Some add a special clove-cinnamon-cardamom mix, whereas some stick to fresh grated ginger. Once the addition is cooked in the boiling water, tea leaves are added, and then every house has its rules on when to add the milk.

The milk that is used is boiled and has  to come from a cow. As a result the tea is deliciously creamy. Every Desi likes sugar in his or her tea unless any health reasons prevent them.

The last thing that goes into the tea is the crushed cardamom! The tea is poured directly in to the tea cups. Desis use porcelain tea cup and saucer sets.

The tea can be sipped from the cup, or poured on to the saucer to slurp it!

Here’s how you can make your Chai: It will serve 2.

1 1/2  cup     water
1 cup          whole milk
1 tbsp         Fresh grated Ginger
4              Cardamomseeds
2 tbsp         Loose Tea Leaves
2 tbsp         Sugar
Boil water in a sauce pan, add the ginger to it. When it boils, add the tea leaves and sugar. Stir well. Now add the milk. Bring it to a boil. Stir in the cardamomseeds. Filter the chai and pour it into the tea cups. Enjoy with some savory snacks or biscuits.


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